Australia Day

We spent Australia Day in a very casual fashion. Mr 3P had to work, so me and the 3 Pickles hung out at home.

Mr3P brought home flags and tattoos for the boys.

And one for himself. ;)

For dinner we had some "fair dinkum" Aussie tucker. I made meat pies and for dessert we had lamingtons. I've made these pies many times but I threw the recipe out (accidentally) in one of my occasional cleaning frenzies.I was so happy to have found the recipe on  I followed the recipe from the ipad, where it sat happily on the recipe book holder in the kitchen. I'm lovin this ipad thingy.

We made 4 regular sized pies and 4 little "party" pies from the recipe. For the little pies, I used a cupcake pan. The recipe is really easy to follow and the results were yum.

Mr 3P got all patriotic and creative with his pie. Hope you all had a happy Australia day!


  1. Your boys are so sweet with their flags & tattoos! Looks like you must have had a good time - and pie makes everything even better!



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