Memory Lane - Feelin' the heat

It's 39 (103 Fahrenheit) here in Melbourne today, for the second day in a row. Feeling a little nostalgic and homesick for the Gold Coast today. These photos of my 3 Pickles were taken last Christmas while we were visisting my family on the Gold Coast as part of our Christmas Road Trip. Taken at "the spit", just next to Sea World, it was a very, very hot day and despite all the sunscreen and hats etc and the fact we didn't spend a long time on the beach, we all got burnt. I'm talkin' crispy people!

They had a great time and only had a supervised paddle on the edge as there were no flags or lifeguards where we were.

That's the sandpumping jetty in the background where I used to go fishing when I was younger. We used to catch a lot of whiting there.

Surfers Paradise in the background looking south.It was so hot, the air was misty as you can see.

Playing with the tide. Wish I was there right now. Where would you like to be today?


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