To the Rafters

It has been a big weekend here. Mr3P has spent his "days off" working on the extention. Alone. I have never known anyone who can/would lift, place and nail 100kg beams onto a second storey building, by themselves!!

This one was the trickiest, but he"nailed it", evetually. It is the bit that overhangs at the front and side of the roof (technical

I find it very difficult to watch him up there as I have fear of heights by proxy.

Cuteness. I wish I could tan like that.

This is a view of the back of the extention, where a courtyard will be. Do you like how I just moved on into the garage before the house was finished?

The top floor will be an attic, apparently with some great views.

Get that sucker nailed down fast. Ah, smiles.


  1. Marnie, you tell such a delightful story. This is quite an addition...I would be scared watching, too!
    Andrea in Florida

  2. Love your cute lil feet Marns!!
    Great job Mr 3P..... very busy man, but still enough time to do us a deal on a legend!!!
    House is looking great!
    Love Tash

  3. Thanks for the comments Andrea and Natasha!

  4. Looking exciting, have fun with the building.


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