Memory Lane - Nambucca Heads

We "discovered" Nambucca Heads in New South Wales on our Christmas Road Trip 2009. Seems like yesterday. We left on New Years Day from the Gold Coast, deciding to find somewhere to stay the night when we (he) got too tired.

That's how we found this beautiful place. Experience has taught us NOT to make bookings for accommodation in advance. We work on a pot luck system, which is just driving and stopping at what looks good and suits our budget. We have yet to be disappointed.

After checking in, totally exhausted but with restless children, we headed for the beach. It was right on dusk and it was amazing.

The light is just right to take photos too.

 Those 3 Pickles played on that sand till they could play no more.

Our plan had worked. Mwah ha ha ha ha!

Pickle #1 was writing shark warnings in the sand.

Love letters?

 Pickle #1

 Pickle #2
Pickle #3

The coastline looked deserted for a far as you could see. I would love live in this beautiful place.

Not the poshest hotel I have ever stayed at, but it was fresh and clean and really did have those million dollar views.

I'm linking this post to A Beach Cottage, Good Life Wednesdays.

Have a great Wednesday.

 x Marnie


  1. oh my what cute pickles you have!

    thanks for taking part in BC Good Life Weds!

    happy days

    Sarah x

  2. Great idea not to book ahead.
    Looks like they all had fun on that beach
    Hope the weather is cooler for us here in Victoria today

  3. The beaches on the North Coast of NSW are beautiful

  4. Oh, what I'd give right now to feel those sweet ocean breezes! We're in frigid weather here in Texas! Cute kids you've got there!

  5. Looks like a great Christmas Holiday! Wonderful pictures of your "pickles!" =)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Love your blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas:-)

  7. What a beautiful family of pickles you have!

    I'm a new follower from A Beach Cottage - Good Life Wednesday.

    I hope you get a chance to visit our coastal lifestyle blog sometime:

  8. Great post Nambucca Heads is a delightful little corner of paradise. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories with us.


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