Memory Lane - Sydney Harbour

 Another Memory Lane, this time it's our Christmas Road Trip on the way home to Melbourne we stopped in to visit family in Sydney. It was the first time the pickles had seen Sydney and the first time I had been on one of the ferries on the harbour.

Sydney Opera House
It rained for the trip to Manly, but the sun came out on the trip back.
Mr 3P and Aunty 3P trying to keep all the pickles entertained on the ferry. They had their work cut out for them!
Harbour Bridge.

Luna Park

Pickle #1 being a poser.

We had such a great day. Later that night we travelled to Goldburn to stay the night and then  home to Melbourne the next morning.
I love our family road trips and hope they will form part of many wonderful childhood memories for my pickles. They are growing up way too fast.
Where to next?

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  1. Love your shot of the opera house. I immediately knew what it was since Oprah filmed there recently. Ha!!! Embarrassing. :)

  2. Love the shot of the bridge. Your blog is great. I worked for Tourism Australia for many years. I love Sydney :-) Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas. I am your newest follower.

  3. How lovely all your waterfront pictures. All your little ones are precious.

  4. Gorgeous photography! What a great place to vacation.

    Love that you call your kids "pickles"? Is that a common name for children there or just your own affectionate nickname?

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments.
    Paula, I've just always called them my little pickles. Just my little nickname for them and keeps them anonymous on the blog.
    x Marnie


    LOVE U's ALL lots and LOTS and LOTs
    Hope to catch up soon but ill be sending some pics of Scarlett x

    Jade, Michael and Scarlett


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