Extension Update - Roof

Mr 3P and our friend  Darren started on the roof today! Yeah!! Here's a peek at how it looked mid-morning.

It seems like ages since the rafters were first erected. And even longer since building first began..
But now the first side of the roofing is finished (more photos to come).Hopefully all should be completed by next weekend.


  1. Hello. I love it!!! Looks fantastic, you must be excited:)

  2. So exciting huh?!?

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  3. Yeah, I also noticed that this project is progressing quite slowly. What took you so long to put up the roof? Anyway, what’s important is that you’re close to finishing the building now that the roof is installed. Good luck! I’ll be waiting for more updates.

  4. I know you have reasons to tolerate the slow progress of that extension project. It’s been two years, how’s the house now? I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor. :-) At the same time, I hope you can direct me to your latest blog post, so that I can see the recent house design. I’m looking forward in keeping in touch with you. :)

    -- Lino Kosters

  5. Hey, Marnie! How is the house extension now? You haven’t posted about the progress on this. I’d like to see how it looks now. This is quite a big extension project. No wonder it took you quite a long time to finish this project. Please keep us posted. =) ->Blair Construction L.L.C


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