Memory Lane - The Snow

Waiting for some snow so we can go tobogganing. Thought I'd post so photos of our previous snow days for a little trip down memory lane. Some photos were from Lake Mountain and some from Mt Donna Buang.
Pouty and teary #3.

The cousins and the pickles make a snowman at Lake Mountain.

Lake Mountain was burnt the previous year, sadly a lot of homes were lost and a lot of lives too. The bushfires spread through this whole area.

The snow lodge at Lake Mountain.

You'd think they hated the snow??!!

valet service...thanks Mr3P

Nearly home time. We played till it got dark.

Hopefully, I'll have some NEW snow photos to post here very soon. There was 10cm on Lake Mountain this morning, so fingers crossed for more .

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  1. The first photo of the trees is awesome! Stunning.

  2. Hi Marnie I just tried to email you back but gmail is telling me that your email is not an email :P anyway heres what I wrote:

    ooh its pretty freezing Marnie!!
    Those bad winds reached us here last night as well. Hope you didn't get any
    Thank you so much for linking I really appreciate that especially since I'm
    just starting. I hope it goes well! I know its very difficult to link up
    from my ipod. the main trouble is linking back because you cant edit a post
    with a tablet! Someone should do something about that hehe

  3. Love the shots of the burnt trees with the snow on the ground. Melancholy and beautiful at the same time.

  4. Loving your photos! Hard to think about winter and snow as yesterday was the first day of summer here!
    Thanks for your kind comment about my hummingbird cupcakes!

  5. Lovely photos! Glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and shared with us.

  6. Looks nice - especially in the heat of the summer here!

  7. Great photos from your play day in the snow, the way light plays off the white can be quite spectacular. Have a great weekend.


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