Night Walkies

It's been over three weeks since I posted anything on here. School holidays and sick kids (big and small) have kept me busy and away from this blog. And I've missed it.
My friend whom I'll call V and I have been very motivated to go for a walk every day, well almost ;)
We decided the best time to go was at night after dinner and dishes were done and all of the pickles (V's and mine) have settled down for "a long winter's nap" lol. It's just so much more relaxing being able to go for as long as you want and knowing that you don't need to rush back to anything, like school runs etc. We took our pedometers and found that in 1 1/2 hours we do about 10 thousand lots of talking, which we decided must burn more calories? Right?
I'm too much of a Fraidy Cat to go alone at night, so it's great to have a walking buddy. Our friend Tash joins us from time to time too, we were hoping to eventually have a Forest Gump following....but that hasn't happened yet.
Last night I took my little pocket camera with me. Now I've never photographed stuff at night except for the occasional birthday cake and candle ceremony, so these shots (which I used the night setting) are, well, not great, to say the least. I hope you like 'em anyway.
Me and V ready to go. Night vision goggles "on"

V rugged up to face the 5 degree night.

OK, this IS actually the moon, but I think you need a tripod to get it right. I like it anyway.

The lights from distant tennis courts show how cool and eerie the fog is on our walk. About one minute after I took this shot we heard a strange noise and I nearly ran all the way home. Turned out to be some wildlife, frogs maybe?...but they were freaky possessed frogs...I'm sure ;)

Wow, something not blurry. Wattle doesn't move much at night......


The path we take runs past a shopping centre, where there was late night trading. What kind of crazy person shops at night in this weather?

If you've ever read this blog before you would know that I like to attempt something a little arty farty. Well, that's what I'm going to call my wobbly night camera skills.

Look at the pretty circles.........

Before you go, why don't you look at the picture and just paws for a moment?
Forgive me, it's late and it's been a loooong day.

See ya soon.


  1. Oh Good Lord Marnie, its soooooo good to have you back !! Wish I could walk with you, am loving your night photo's xx Ava

  2. Great that you're back, wondered where you got to.
    You are very motivated to walk at night in the middle of winter!

  3. Was wondering where you got to Marnie. You certainly are brave walking out in the Melbourne night air. Good to see you back. We've had our fair share of illness do the rounds this winter. I'm just getting over something that hit me on Friday evening. Knocked me off my feet all weekend.


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