Lavender & Rose

The lavender and roses are blooming, so I thought I'd share with you today.
I'm really enjoying editing my photos on there's just so many possibilities.

This white rose bush is so pretty, but it has no fragrance.And lastly is my little David Austin rose, ready to burst in bloom. The aphids have had a go, but he's a little fighter.
More to come...and some house update pics too.
We have windows, but now it's time for me to get my absailing gear on....yikes.

Hopefully around to see you tomorrow........


  1. I love David Austin roses Marnie ! Oh my gosh you're absailing ! Photo's or it didn't happen !! xx Ava

  2. Gorgeous Marnie. I love Picnik the best too.

    Anne x

  3. My lavender is in full bloom to, I love it and so do the bees. have a great day


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