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It's the most beautiful day here in Melbourne. We haven't seen this weather for a while (my eyes hurt from that big yellow thing in the sky). Our garden is a bit hit and miss at the moment. The silverbeet (swiss chard) is doing really well and my tomatoes are getting stronger everyday, especially since most of the frosty mornings have gone (fingers crossed).  I haven't really grown many things very successfully from seed before, so I thought it was time to give it a go. Burke's backyard magazine had some free Santorini tomato seeds on the cover of a recent issue that are supposed to be very hardy and hopefully Mrs3P proof....hmmm we'll see. I started them off in the cold frame, along with a few different types of lettuce and some cherry tomatoes too. The lettuce was planted out last week, but they're ALL gone!! I think it might be those darstedly possums. Will have to come up with a new plan.
 Can you see the drinking straw "cast" on the burpless cucumber? Mr3P being very sweet in an attempt to save this guy who was ready to been thrown out by the Bunnings man. There's some basil ready to be planted out next to the tomatoes soon too...they make great companion plants...and taste yummy together in bruschetta......mmmm
 Will keep you posted on their progress if you're interested.
 I don't know what this plant is called (I know it's an Australian native), but we've waited for a long, long time for flowers. Very smell

 Speaking of  We popped down to the local arboretum after school so the pickles could spend some more time with their cousin (who flew home today). My BIL who is an electrician has been visiting from QLD and helping us with the extension (more update pics due soon)
   I'm pretty sure this is called a kangaroo paw. It looks like it's made from velvet.

    There are stacks of ducks that hang out at the arboretum, this guy was not shy at all.

The pickles and I love walking around this little lake. I have been here a gazillion times, but every time I come, I ALWAYS comment how beautiful the view is. That's the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in the BG.
                   Another Aussie wildflower...and yep, I don't know what this is called either, but it's              pretty.... right?
When Mr3P buys me flowers, (which is usually only when I give birth) which BTW "the shop is closed" on that one. Anyway, when he does, he always gets me Australian Wildflowers...he knows how much I love them.
Now, I DO know what this is!! It's a type of Eucalyptus (gum) tree. I believe it could be a ghost gum, due to the whitish colouring. It looks like there is a big, fat ant on one of the branches...but it's a duck.

There is a "secret garden" here (not much of a secret if you ask me as there is a huge sign that tells you where it is?????????? The garden gate has these beautiful fairies carved all over it.

            I don't think I would have the patience to do this kind of work. 
I can't help wonder what the artist was thinking about while they worked patiently on this piece. If it was me, it would be the grocery list, how much washing needs to be folded tonight...I must call Vanessa...what should I make for dinner??....I wish this stupid song from that ridiculous commercial would stop repeating itself in my head, sorry...where was I?

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  1. Ducks !!!!! Oh and beautiful flowers Mrs 3P I one day will visit your veggie garden and clever cold frame xx Ava

  2. Hi Marnie. Yes, I'd like to know how your garden grows Mary Mary. I've just started another herb garden and tomatoes, silverbeet and carrots. I've just got to get into the habit of watering them everyday, like I used before those damn kids came along. I can vaguely remember I used to like gardening. LOL Those white, scentless flowers are Dietes Grandiflora and the yellow ones are a Kangaroo Paw as well, just in case you wanted to know. (Not that I'm an expert. Just knew those.)

    Anne xx

  3. WOW i am now of blog fame!!

  4. Hi Marnie,
    Looks like a great place to visit!


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