Our newest addition {a dog's tale}

Hi there, how have you been?
We've had a few ups and downs this week.
Firstly, the plumber dug the trenches for the stormwater drains and sewage.
They start at the front of the house, go through the courtyard and around to the backyard right next to the clothes line.

Then it rained
a lot

We're on clay here in this part of Melbourne.

So you can imagine the mud, mud, mud!!!

Mr 3P spent half the day in the pouring rain and the slop, trying to fill the trenches back in.

This is the only way from the car to the "current" front door, so when it was dug up and raining, it was insane. I came home from a cake decorating class with my friend Mrs Aunty Stage Mother and had to cross with cake in hand and I'd just straightened my hair, so I didn't know which one to "save" from the rain....the cake won. I felt like Bear Grylis in Man V's Wild.
Here's the cake. The CWA do the best cake classes.If you're in Melbourne and want to do a class you can find out more here.
I don't have a photo of my hair...
but if I did, I wouldn't show you anyway...lol
Speaking of scary, we had some creep break into our car the other night, while it was parked in our garage and stole my GPS!!! Not happy.
Freaked me out a bit. 
This was the decision maker for us about getting another dog.
We lost our beautiful border collie last year (from old age) and within weeks a fox took our chooks. It was just waiting...I'm sure.
Now, for me a dog is a family member that you commit to caring for and loving for it's life. We had been thinking about it for a long time and decided a large dog that was good with children would be best and be a deterrent for creeps.
So, with no further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to Pickle #4

Isn't he beautiful?
He's only 7 months old and weighs 27.5 kgs already!!
He had never worn a collar or lead until yesterday, so walks have been challenging, but he's getting the hang of it.
He has the most beautiful nature and we're about to start obedience training next week.
Wish us luck..will fill you in on his progress.
See you soon.


  1. Oh Marnie! I love that cake, it's beautiful (as I'm sure your hair was! LOL) Bloody mongrels, steeling stuff. They have no shame. Glad you got the dog. He's really beautiful! And Wow, only 7 months? He's huge! What's his name? I've just lined my vet's pockets for Christmas this last week taking one of my dogs to the vet. He seems ok now. Bit of a mystery illness but fingers crossed he's over it.

    Good luck with it. Can't wait to hear about him some more.

    Anne xx

  2. Hey Marnie! Fab looking cake! Having a look at the site to the new one that opened around the corner. Your new baby is adorable...but bloody hell he's big! Up and up go those grocery bills ;-) Good luck with the training. Robx

  3. What a gorgeous creature. Congratulations!
    He should be the perfect deterrant for all sorts of miscreants. Hope you have a dry week!

  4. I grew up with German Shepherds and our first dog was a German Shepherd, they are beautiful dogs.

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.


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