Me, the Make-Up Artist

If you've ever read my blog before, you would know that I am also a make-up artist. I've haven't talked about it much on here before, but I felt my blog just wasn't complete without regular posts about make-up and beauty stuff. After all, it it a part of my life that I really love, so why not share it on here? So here's a little about me...the Make-Up Artist...
I am a professional make-up artist that has worked in the make-up industry for over 21 years (I’d like to say that I started when I was 5, but that would be a lie).I was trained by the brilliant Rick Findlater (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Kong, Last Samurai…to name a few) Starting out working in the film, fashion & tv industries and then went on to run a small make-up academy, with many students going on to successful make-up careers with credits including Star Wars, Matrix, Scooby Doo, House of Wax, Bait, Hercules. I am also very proud to say that one of my students (and good friend), Mark Cleary recently was given an Emmy honour for his work on the Speilberg/Hanks series “The Pacific”. (you can read about that here) Nice one Markey!
Eventually, I decided to “hang up” my brushes for a while to start a family (aka the pickles).
I couldn’t stay away for long and  have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of Brides, bridal parties and  family and friends for their weddings and special, red carpet occasions. The “special occasion” make-up has always been my favourite area of make-up to work in.
So much has changed since I started in make-up, with cosmetic companies getting better and better with their products and formulas, to the styles and looks of the moment changing and bouncing back time and time again. When I first started, Kate Moss was an unknown and no one had even heard of a GHD!! MAC was impossible to buy in Australia and you were lucky if you had a friend or relative going on an o/s trip so they could get you some goodies. Today, it’s as easy as a few clicks and a credit card. Maybe that’s a good thing, because when I first started, I wanted EVERYTHING IN MY KIT and it weighed a tonne, but as time went on and my experience grew, I realised it really was quality over quantity. I still WANT IT ALL today, that hasn’t changed, but now I am much more selective of what goes in.

If you’d like to learn about the tips, tricks and techniques that I have learnt along the way, plus reviews on products that I love (new and classic) then stick around, because I’m going to share them with you.

By the way, a lot of make-up pictures that you'll see on this blog have had some photographic processing (I don't own photoshop but I do use to edit stuff), mainly because I don't own any fancy lighting equipment and this program helps me A LOT. My clients are kind enough to let me use their images on this blog and I want them to be reassured that their photos look great..and if this means some tweaking, then so be it! I love playing with the editing, it's just an extension of what I do, you can get some great effects and have a bit of fun with it. For anyone who has a problem with that, then I suggest you might enjoy other blogs that are a little more raw than mine. And if you have a negative comment about my work, then please try to find the courage to leave a comment that identifies who you are and not some anonymous dribble. So in saying that, this IS MY little blog and My little space on the net and I WILL be expressing myself and my work in a way I choose. So there xx
 All product reviews and suggestions on this blog will be from my own opinions and will not be influenced in anyway by another party. I will give you my honest opinion about what I use and recommend, but they are my opinion and may not suit everyone. No 2 faces are alike, so what looks good on one person will not always suit another. I believe that you, (the reader), should always test products (especially anything that will go on your skin or near your eyes), for sensitivity or allergic reactions. Always do a patch test and follow the manufacturers instructions. If you’re not sure, then don’t use it. All products in my kit are purchased by me, with my own money. If a company sends me a product to try and I review it on this blog, then I’ll let you know. OK?
Please feel free to leave your comments (I LOVE getting them) and also leave any suggestions or questions you might have.  I’ll try my best to answer them quickly.
See you on the red carpet!


  1. Will be looking forward to your info and tips, I am afraid my make-up is very much throw it on and hope for the best these days! LOL

    1. Hi Deanne,
      Thanks for all of your lovely comments. I've just discovered Blogger's new way of my being able to reply!! I've been wanting this for ages. I really appreciate that you have followed me over to my other blogs but I have now decided that I'm not going to let a few creeps stop me from keeping this blog open. So I back now..for good. I hope you stick around.
      x Marnie

  2. So looking forward to this! You fixed my prob! One thing I wanna know, how can I get away with rogue lipstick, what make up goes with it, would love to see the tutorial on this! Asian skin and all that ;)

    1. Now that I have re-opened my blog, there will be lots more to come. I hope you're enjoying you school holidays!
      x Marnie


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