{recipe} 3pickles Christmas Cocktail

Looking for a quick, simple, delicious cocktail (or even mocktail) for Christmas time?
Like watermelon & raspberries? 
Bit o' lime? 
Bit o' fizzy?
Bit o' Vodka??
alrighty then.....

 3pickles Christmas Cocktail

in a blender add :
1/4 watermelon
1 cup raspberries...fresh or frozen
1 cup ice
1/2 cup Schweppes Lime Juice Cordial

now blitz it!

strain into a large jug

add vodka

pour into cocktail glasses

top up with chilled Schweppes Soda Water

enjoy !

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  1. YUMMM!!!!
    Count me in, I am definitely making this!

  2. that looks so good! I could use one of these NOW! :)

  3. Now you're talking Marnie! I saw something similar in one of those fancy lifestyle mags over the weekend and I think it was watermelon and cranberries. Sounds terrific! (Love the new banner header.)

    Anne xx


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