{Review} Luminous colour Glaze® Clear Shine & no more floozying around

I'm going to admit it now, just so you know...I am a hair product junkie...there, I said it.
But I have been seeking help, OK?

Since finding my amazing hairdresser Heather (thanks Natasha), I have cut back on my floozy product days and one night (product) stands and settled for a more respectful hair life. It's funny how, when you meet "the one", that your hair life can change forever. She knows what I want and she "understands" my hair and I never leave feeling dissatisfied or disappointed.

Heather, if you read this, please don't ever leave me...I may just die, or at least, my follicles might .

Now that I don't have to fight my hair to behave, everything just falls into place...except the frizzies. The frizzies, I believe will be the bane of my hair life forever.

My (lovely) sister in law, who also sees Heather (it's a family affair), has tried the Keratin phenomenon that is currently about, and is fairly happy with the result. I have yet to give this a go.
But, I have been using the Luminous colour Glaze® Clear Shine from the John Frieda® Hair Care experts for a while and I am THRILLED with the results!!!

It was really windy today when Mr3P took this.

I use the Glaze every time I wash my hair, after shampooing & conditioning. I leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. It feels a little squeaky after I rinse, but then dries so smooth AND shiny...especially after I use a straightening iron. I usually don't need to add a serum, but the floozy in me can't resist. (Just a leetle bit  Morrocan Oil can't hurt...can it?)

Fragrance: light...smells like a hair salon product...sorry to be vague...you know what I mean...don't you?

Value for money: Well worth even the full price as I only use a small amount and my hair is long and VERY thick. I've had this for a couple of months and I'm only 1/2 way through the bottle. I usually use it whenever I wash my hair, which is typically twice a week, three times when I remember to do a treatment.

I purchased my John Frieda Luminous colour Glaze® Clear Shine from Priceline for about $13 ( it was reduced for a catalog sale) but I believe it normally retails for $19.99.

Tell me are you a hair product junkie....or just a bit of a floozy?

Feel free to link your hair posts with your comments. I'll be sharing some more of my favourite hair products very soon.

Stay beautiful xx


  1. Your hair DOES look amazing in that pic!!! Loving your blog and I may just stop by regularly, specially if you keep writing bout me lol.

    Heather xx

  2. I think I might have to give this one a go, I kill my hair and this might be a nice helper in the shine department!

  3. LOVE this stuff! You're hair looks gorg btw. (Lol, I totally need to find a "Heather" in my life.)


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