The Make-Up Chair

Just a little show and tell today. 
I'd like to introduce you to my fabulous new make-up chair.
I've been lusting after one for a million years and recently acquired this fella.
Isn't he fabulous?
No more sore backs for me & he folds and fits neatly in the boot of the car.

I think he needs a name.
Would love some suggestions.....


  1. Hey, your back! Hope everything went okay?

    Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne, yep I'm was just day surgery, but I was still totally knocked out and it has made me feel really crappy today. The anesthetic they used can cause upper joint pain....and guess what? yep...lucky me.
      Luckily Mr3P has been doing the cooking etc, so I can chill. I should be feeling back to normal in a day or so.
      x Marnie

  2. super makeup

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  3. Looks like a comfortable chair!

  4. Hey, I just started a kit and i'm in desperate need of a Make Up Chair but most of them are so expensive. Where did you get this one & how much does this cost?


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