Lose the carbs and still enjoy dinner...simple

Looking for something simple, healthy & tasty for dinner tonight?

This is such an easy dish to put together and if you're watching the carbs like I am, then it'll be perfect for you and the family.

Garlic Chicken & Steamed Veggies with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Cube some skinless chicken breast. I do this in the morning and throw it in a ziplock bag into the fridge..I can then make portions of this dish quickly and without a lot of mess, especially great when Mr3P and Pickle#1 are at soccer training and I feed myself and the 2 remaining pickles early.

Take a bag of frozen stir fry veggies out of the freezer. (told you this was simple) I like the Stir Fry veggies from Aldi, but I use whatever is in the freezer....or use fresh veggies, but that's a little more work...lol

Pan fry the chicken.  I like to use the Glad Bake to brown the chicken, much like I do with the bunless burgers (here). I will drizzle about 1 teaspoon of good olive oil over the chicken and then add some salt and a good heaped teaspoon of crushed garlic. Give it a toss and add the veggies. Heat them through.

Drizzle a small glob of sweet chilli sauce over the chicken and veggies and serve.

Simple, healthy and tasty.


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