{recipe} The No Bun Burger

When you can't eat carbs at night and you want to eat a burger with the rest of your fam, what do you do?

Lose the bun, of course.

Seriously, I never thought of doing this before I started this weight loss journey & I don't even notice the bun missing now.
All you need to do is make burgers in the usual way and pile it up on your plate. I like to use an iceberg lettuce cup to hold the filling, but you could just use a knife and fork.

 Now, please don't think I'm some freaky extremist when it comes to cooking....I'm not. But, because mince from the shops is the fattiest meat and contains unknown "stuff", it's not the greatest choice for a healthy eating plan, let alone weight loss. I still love it, so I'm forced to make my own and it's really not that big a hassle. I got the mincer from Kmart (homemaker brand) and we get the meat from the wholesale butcher (a HUGE hunka chunka of beef) trim off ALL the visible fat and mince away, I freeze it in 500g portions. It is the tastiest mince ever and it contains only what you put in it and no nasties. Once you try it, you'll never buy it pre-made again.

 I also like to cook without fats, so I use Glad bake (baking paper) in the frypan. Nothing sticks and burns and there's virtually no mess to clean up. Great if you're cooking kebabs or other marinated meats. The burgers in the pic are made from: my mince, grated carrot, onion, an egg to bind, small amount of wholegrain breadcrumbs, salt & pepper and whatever herbs were in the garden.

Pile it up with your faves.


  1. The colours in that last shot Marnie are so vivid. I've always wanted my own electric mixer. I thought about making my own sausages for the fussy one but have never got around to it. Maybe one day. I've got an old fashioned hand mixer that works. Might just be tempted to make my own mince.

    Anne xx

    1. You'll def taste the difference, Anne. I made snags a few times, but it's so fiddly that I ended up using the mixture for koftas and keftedes (meatballs). Lots of curry powder, yum! Tastes the same without the skin.
      x Marnie

  2. I cut out the bun when I went gluten free, I just pile my plate with salad and my meat patty and sometimes an egg.
    BTW did you know that BBQ sauce is around 50% sugar and tomato sauce has about 25%, sugar is our worst enemy when it comes to weight gain?

  3. Cut me and I'll bleed tomato sauce and sweet chilli. The best one is the Big Red (from IGA) in the glass bottle...came recommended from a dietician. No nasties. So glad I'm not the only one who likes a bunless buger...lol
    x Marnie

  4. Such a clever idea! I shall be trying this next week :)

    Luc X



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