The Foundation Wardrobe

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. Today, while I was cleaning the shelves in the bathroom  (geesh they get untidy so fast), I counted 13 (lucky for some) foundations!! So, instead of just wiping them down and putting them back, I put them in a line up and started snapping. BTW, I purchased all of these foundations.

I wear ALL of these foundations on a regular basis and just like your clothing wardrobe, they serve different purposes (for me). You don't wear the same clothes everyday, so why should your make-up be any different?

So, here is my (current) foundation wardrobe..................

This collection may seem extreme to some and wimpy to others...especially to some of the beauty bloggers I know (you know who you are). But, in my defence, I am a make-up artist and I never use products in my kit without "road testing" them first.

Lets talk make-up.....shall we?

My shade: 3N-BP
Foundation type: Liquid (great pump dispenser)
When I use it:  A great everyday foundation if applied sheerly and for evening I'll layer it where I want a bit more coverage. I find it needs a light dusting of powder to give best staying results. It photographs beautifully and smells lovely. I also use this for bridal and photographic work.
Buy this foundation if: You know your going to be photographed and want to look like your skin is smooth and even.
Best application method for me: Foundation brush.

My shade: C4 Rose Beige
Foundation type: Liquid
When I use it: I've only had this foundation for a couple of weeks and it's a winner in my book! I've be wearing this a lot and find it's great for everyday wear and evening wear. I recently used it on a photo shoot and was extremely pleased with the results. Gives your skin a healthy glow and covers remarkably well. Feels I haven't tested it out for bridal use, so I'll get back to you on that.
Buy this foundation if: You're after a quality foundation at a great price point. Not sure how it will go on very oily skin (I consider my skin type "normal" and occasionally a  little dehydrated)
Best application method for me: Fingertips and then buffed in a little with a foundation brush.

My shade: NW20
Foundation type: Liquid
When I use it: Evening and occasionally for bridal use.
Buy this foundation if: You like the brand and want a foundation with a medium coverage (you can build this foundation up, but I wouldn't go too heavy or I find it will go cakey) I am a little on the fence with this one...some days I love it & other days I think "meh".
Best application method for me: Foundation brush of good make-up sponge (I like the beauty blender)

My shade: Medium
Foundation type: OK, so it's not "technically" a foundation, but a BB cream, but if you look at the photo you'll see that I really like it A LOT!!  This is my 3rd tube.
When I use it: Often...for a even skin tone during the day. I like to apply this all over and then apply a foundation with more coverage to the areas that need it (sadly these days, those areas are
Buy this foundation if: You want an all rounder and a sheer finish/coverage
Best application method for me: Fingers. (be careful to blend really well along the jawline)

My shade: Temptress
Foundation type: Creme
When I use it: My HG foundation for bridal, photographic and everyday use. Can double as a concealer. It goes on like a dream and stays put...photographs amazingly well. What else can I say...GET IT!!!! (in Australia you can get it here & tell Rach & the ladies at Make-Up & Glow I said Hi...tehe)
Buy this foundation if: You want to try a "real" professional foundation that is adaptable to every situation you could imagine. (comes in an airbrush formula too...but that's another post for another day)
Best application method for me: Foundation brush and/or beauty blender sponge

My shade: 2
Foundation type: Again, not technically a foundation but a tint (close enough)
When I use it: Similar use to the Garnier BB cream. A bit thicker in consistency, just evens out my skin tone without looking heavy. can get a bit shiny so I buff in a little powder (or try a mineral foundation)...just wait till it "sets" or you'll get a patchy mess.
Buy this foundation if: You're after a light coverage with sun protection and you must have a "luxury" brand.
Best application method for me: Fingertips.....don't forget to blend.

My shade: Natural Honey
Foundation type: Creamy Liquid
When I use it: Daytime, especially if I want my foundation to last with minimal touch ups. I still like to dust some loose powder in my T-Zone to keep shine down. Best when used with the Face of Australia primer.
Buy this foundation if: You need it to last!! Champagne taste on a beer budget. Love it.
Best application method for me: Fingertips and then sometimes blended off with a foundation brush.

My shade: Praline
Foundation type: Creamy Liquid 
When I use it: Day or fact I wore it today....put it on rained on...did some painting...did the usual Mum stuff and it's now 8pm and it's still fairly well intact! I always powder this with the Nutrimetics mineral powder. (my bottle is nearly empty and I will get more)
Buy this foundation if: You want a great coverage and long lasting results. 
Best application method for me: Foundation brush

My shade: N2
Foundation type: Liquid 
When I use it: This has to be a staple for nearly every make-up artist I know. Too sheer for me to wear as a foundation on it's own, so I add concealer or a heavier foundation where I need it. I suppose that's how I use it for clients too. Great for the body too and photographs perfectly. I like to powder this with a light, loose powder. I've never had it transfer to that's good.
Buy this foundation if: You are a make-up artist or want body makeup for a special event.
Best application method for me: Brush for the face....hands for the body.

My shade: Natural Beige
Foundation type: Liquid
When I use it: I prefer this for evening and when I want a long lasting foundation. I don't find I need to powder this. Go lightly near any lines as it could cake. Overall, a great full coverage foundation that stays put.
Buy this foundation if: You want a long lasting foundation with adaptable coverage.
Best application method for me: Foundation brush or fingertips work well.

11. Dior Airflash Spray Foundation
My shade: 202
Foundation type: Airbrush foundation in an aerosol can. (doesn't sound posh when I put it that way does it?? lol)
When I use it: When I want a perfectly smooth finish for a special occasion (shouldn't that be everyday??) Not as long lasting as some of the other foundations in my wardrobe, but it works well on top of a medium coverage as a "top coat") Great for the decolletage. I use this for bridal or photography when I don't want to get out my airbrush for a small area.
Buy this foundation if: You want to try out airbrush style make-up. Go to the Dior counter (or Napoleon's Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation) and try it out.
Best application method for me: Spray from the can. Test on a tissue so you don't get splatters and don't close you eyes tightly or you'll get wrinkle lines. Puffing out your cheeks can work well too.

My shade: Honey
Foundation type: Creme stick.
When I use it: As a concealer or medium to full coverage foundation, mainly for evening. Great to throw in your bag for easy touch ups. The folks at FOA really know their shiz. A must buy for your collection. Rivals the "pro" brands.
Buy this foundation if: You want great quality without spending a fortune. Iconic Aussie brand that I've been a fan of for a long time.
Best application method for me: Straight from the stick (for personal use) and blender with a sponge. On the go...just use your fingertips.

My shade: Meduim
Foundation type: Sheer tint, liquid
When I use it: When I'm in a real hurry and just need some sun protection with a tiny bit of coverage (it doesn't give a lot) I can blend this with my eyes closed. 
Buy this foundation if: You need minimal coverage with sun protection.
Best application method for me: Fingertips.

So that's it....for now. This collection changes often....I'll let you know if I find a new gem.

Do you have a foundation wardrobe?  I'd love to know what you have in yours.


  1. OMG I'm practically a foundation virgin! I've only really started experimenting with foundation since hitting 40 and I generally stick with mineral powder foundations as I hate shine. My wardrobe's too embarrassingly small to refer to as a 'wardrobe' :)

    1. I think we need to go shopping Vita!
      x Marnie

    2. I look forward to an education - clearly I've spent too much time focusing on my nails, lol!

  2. Wow you have no revlon foundations haha! I am wondering, do you test the foundations on your models first? I always break out after using the garnier bb cream no matter how much I cleanse and exfoliate after wearing it :(

    1. Oh no Jasmine!!!...I forgot my Colourstay foundation!!! I threw the empty away, so it didn't make it to the bottle shoot (lol). It is another fave of mine. I'll make sure it's in the next line up.
      I never test on models first...only myself and the I'm pretty sensitive, so if I react to something, it usually gets tossed (or passed along). I do test shoots with models and would never try something new for a bride unless it was a specific request.
      What a shame about the Garnier BB...maybe take a pic of the ingredient lists when you get a reaction, so you can compare and narrow down the ingredient/s that irritate you.
      x Marnie

  3. Gosh Marnie. I don't even think I've got one let alone 13! LOL I can only wear it in winter anyway because I sweat too much in summer and really, I don't go anywhere that warrants looking nice or 'human'. LOL

    Anne xx

    1. Anne, you should try the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. It's like a sheer cover tint, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one. Perfect for the QLD weather.
      xx Marnie

  4. Marnie ... this is amazing! Sign of a true professional. I have about five I think, that each serve a different purpose, so I understand on a smaller scale why you need a wardrobe!!

    1. Thanks Nikki. It's becoming an obsession that I enable with the excuse it's for work. I haven't even touched on the palettes. I may need therapy #beautytherapist ??? lol
      x Marnie

  5. I also love the MAC face and body!!! A definite staple

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  9. Yeah..this is amazing!! love them all :) Thanks for posting.


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