Kids Crafts {keeping them busy on the school holidays}

Well are your kids driving you nuts yet?
I've come close to losing it a few times.

It always happens (at least to us) towards the end of the school holidays.
Boredom can easily set in.........
...........such needy little creatures.
They require food & shelter 
and fancy learnin'
PLUS they want entertainment and mental stimulation!

Of course, I'm kidding
sort of.........

So what do you do with them once they've exhausted themselves silly?

Well, we like to get out arty farty on.

 They were dying to get stuck into these craft kits that were kindly sent to them from Riot Art & Craft.

 And stuck into them they did..............

Pickle #2 chose the Majestic Castle kit.

Pickle #3 (and Mr3P) worked together on the Crocodile kit.
It was lovely seeing them create this together.

 Pretty much all the bits and pieces that you need to create are supplied in the kits (except for scissors)

 Pickle #1 chose the Photo Frame making kit.

We spent a really enjoyable afternoon creating our works of art.

 There was some drying time involved, so we finished everything off the next day.

 I loved how I didn't have to find everything needed (or come up with the ideas and instructions...they're all there).
Riot have taken all of the boring work (sourcing the "stuff") out of it for you so you can just enjoy some creative time with your kids.....or get then out of your hair for a

Mr 3P did a very nice job as Pickle #3's assistant.

 He hasn't stopped playing with that crocodile...I think he has even named it!!

Pickle #2 is very proud of his castle. True to his personality, he changed the look of the castle a little.
It NEEDED more windows (with curtains)
Castles can get see.

Pickle #1 could have put anything on and in his frame, but he chose this picture and wording.
he's such a beautiful little guy.

As you can see, I'm impressed with these kits and will be buying more. You can get them online if you can't get to a store.

I was thinking they would make great little "bonbonniere"  as an activity for kids birthday parties.

Check out the Ricky Riot website for kids. There's a stack of creative ideas, free downloadable templates & kids can even add pictures of their creations to the online art gallery.

Have fun & happy crafting.

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  1. Ha, that'd be the day my son would sit still long enough for craft although he did put together a timber car and paint it at some unGodly hour this morning. I can't believe even Mr3P does craft! What a man!

    Anne xx


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