Muesli Bar Slice Recipe & a GIVEAWAY!!!!

One of the favourites for the school and work lunch boxes.
I know this muesli slice is not exactly a weight loss food, but the kids like it and at least I know exactly what is in it as opposed to a lot of the prepackaged bars in the shops.

And I get to bake something....which I love to do.
Well, it's kinda a mix and pour recipe rather than real baking.
But whatevs....

I purchased this Macro porridge from Woolworths for my own brekkie, but I had to try it out in this recipe. I normally use regular oats. I think this has a better flavour and texture.

The recipe is easy and can be adaptable to suit your tastes. 
All you need to do is mix together the dry ingredients in a large bowl:
2 cups of Muesli
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
I added spoonfuls of pepitas, dried cranberries, some sultanas AND
1/2 cup dark choc chips

mix your dry ingredients with a can of sweetened condensed milk ....mix really well
"pour" into a non stick baking tin (or slice tin) I used a silicone slice tray from Chef's Toolbox.
I press the mixture down with a drinking glass.

Bake at 180C for about 15-20 mins. Just check for doneness. The slice should be golden brown.  It will still be soft when you remove it from the oven. Let it cool for 10 mins, then slice into bars and place on a rack to cool completely and firm up.

My family usually tuck into some with a glass of milk, long before the slice cools down.

The rest gets stored in an airtight container, ready for the lunch boxes.

Speaking of lunch boxes, the pickles have been enjoying these Organic juices from Sunraysia that were sent to them to try. I even put some in the freezer....they loved that.

We all want to give our kids healthy options and these juices are up there on the list. 

This is why: Sunraysia Organic is 100% organic fruit juice with Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away. Made from certified organic fruit, Sunraysia Organic is all natural with no artificial colours and flavours, no chemical pesticides, no genetic modification and no added sugars or preservatives.  There are four fresh, great tasting juices in the range - Apple, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical.

I love the fact that my kids can drink juices from fruit hasn't been sprayed with pesticides. I find that reassuring. 

What's more, the durable pouch that the Sunraysia juices come in are 100% recyclable and, thanks to its unique design, will mean less waste going into Australian landfills.

Sunraysia Organic is certified by Ecocert, one of the world’s largest organic certification organisations, as well as Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Australia’s premier organic certifier.

Sunraysia Organic is available from supermarkets nationally with a RRP of $1.49 each 
or 5 for $5.00 at selected stores.

Would you like to win a bunch of these fabulous juices?

This giveaway has now closed.
The prize :
Thanks to Sunraysia for giving this prize to one lucky reader.

40 samples of the juice (10 of each flavour) - just enough to cover two school lunches per day for one month
an eco shopper bag - to make Mum's life a little easier when she's doing the grocery shopping
Value = $70 each

How to enter:

Just let me know in the comments* what you put in your school or work lunch box on an average day. 

I'll choose the most interesting "menu" as the winner. AUSSIE'S ONLY, sorry.

Open to enter until midnight Melbourne time on Wednesday, Feb 20th 2013.

I'll announce the winner on the blog shortly after the giveaway closes.

Good luck.

*A few people have contacted me saying they can't leave a comment (or it deletes itself after they put it up), so if you want to enter and are having a problem, I've decided that you can alternatively send me your entry via email at 

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  1. That looks very similar to my recipe but I think I have honey in mine too.

    In my kid's school lunch boxes, I put in, every day, a heart filled sandwich, a small box of comfort, a homemade hug, and a piece of Mum's love. I always have enough of that on hand for my little munchkins.

    Anne xx

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  3. I give Cooper a nice fresh salad and sliced ham (his Fave) and freeze juice in a bittle to keep everything crisp and fresh as well as supplying a cool drink as well

  4. Your boys are so cute xx 3 little girls here xxx My Miss 5 is the only girl to go to school and she loves a note in her lunchbox. usually she wants me to put a love heart on it.

    My only recipe for actual food is to put a little effort into the ideas behind what you put in. I try to avoid packets of chips unless Im in a big hurry and try to freeze sandwihes for the whole week ahead! Also, for example I love to use cookie cutters on plain cheese sandwiches so she can have shapes like letters or faces. And I have a groovy way of putting triangle cuts into a whole carrot, so when its sliced it turns into a flower for each slice! i googled carrot flower and thats what it came up with xxx

    Thanks for the opportunity xxx

  5. my girls have a very basic healthy lunch everyday consisting of their choice sandwich, different fruit everyday a yogurt and homemade muffin.

  6. My little man and hubby often have Zucchini and Sweetcorn Fritters with a little pot of tzatziki to dip them into. Otherwise it's sandwiches or leftovers, along with fruit/sultanas/cheese/crackers and any homebaking that I've made (this week we've had butterfly cakes, anzac biscuits and banana muffins).

  7. Hi Marnie, lovely museli recipe. I also like to know what is int he food that goes into my children's snack/lunch box. My 5 year old has just started school and what goes into his lunch depends on the day of the week. It could be a left over mini quiche or berry or banana pancake from the weekend. He always gets 2 pieces of fruit, and about 3 x a week something baked (eg: museli slice or a homemade muffin. He also enjoys popcorn and simple water crackers and cheese or yogurt.

  8. It's only week 3 of the new school year and already my kids are whinging "sandwiches are boringgggggg,can't I have something else" (You know that tone, the whiny, grate on your nerves tone) So the other day they had 'spaghetti muffins'. It is tinned spaghetti, eggs and cheese and baked in a muffin tray. They weren't pretty but were nice according to the kids, even cold. (yuck) The other non sandwich lunch I made was rice paper rolls. Not the usual kind with vermicelli, but I made it with Virginian Ham, lettuce, sliced carrot, sliced cucumber and a slice of avocado. And I sent them a little tomato relish to dip if they wanted too. You can even add some grated cheese to these as well or use fresh chicken instead of ham.

  9. I love to make a tuna salad, with tuna, grated carrot and cheese, chopped celery, and red capsicum, along with some blanched broccoli and pasta. The dressing is good mayo mixed with the juice of a lemon.

  10. Fresh salads and l love tuna and an juice. It healthy and it save your money.

  11. Mr Fussy started prep this month and morning tea and lunches have been a bit of a nightmare. I'm using cute shape cutters to trim his sandwiches into the shape of cars and trains. And a I have a boiled egg mould that makes cute star and heart shapes. Anything that's a novelty!

  12. My boys lunch boxes always consists of 3 pieces of fruit (generally a banana, tub of fruit salad which I cut up in bulk every 2 or 3 days) and a apple (or necturines at the moment seeing as they are in season and DELICIOUS)!
    Lunch is always a sandwhich, a serve of dairy (yoghurt or cheese stick) and a lil treat (generally a homemade slice or muffin, however with with no working oven of late its been purchased goods such as a 'Big tedz' biscuit or the new cute lunchsize packs of gingerbread babies!!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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