My Name Bracelet

I want to show off my beautiful new bracelet....custom made, especially for me!!

It's so delicate...I just love it.

 I've been wearing it for a few weeks now and I can not believe how many people have complimented me on it...even the lady next to me at the servo while I was refuelling asked where I got it from.

This beautiful, custom made, engraved bracelet was lovingly made by Australian company .

It go me thinking...what a great gift this (and their other custom made pieces) would make! you CAN'T get them anywhere original gift for the person in your life who is hard to but for and has everything. ...yes, we all have them and they are SO HARD to buy for.

Not anymore......... (sorry family and friends reading this...I've spoiled any surprise you may have had...but I know I'll be forgiven if I give them something like this)

Now here's the part that you'll really love me for....... are giving my readers 10% OFF their purchases

easy....just go here 

make your selections and when you checkout & use the code PICKLES.

Your welcome. xx

Disclosure: This product was provided for editorial consideration.   3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has receives no remuneration for posting reviews. All of my opinions are honest and are only influenced by the awesomeness of a product or service. No BS on this blog.
3pickles receive lots of products to review, but only the things that we (Marnie & the pickles) love end up here on the blog.


  1. That's pretty Marnie. A great present indeed!

    Anne xx

  2. I guess there is no wonder why so many people complimented on it. It is really beautiful. And I guess it would make a perfect gift this Christmas.


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