Review: JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair

I've just used the JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair and I am so happy with the results that I had to share it with you. 
Before I share my before and after pics, let me tell you about my hair...
I have very thick, wavy hair that's a little on the dry/dehydrated side. On most days I like to straighten it with a flat iron. When I straighten my hair, it usually lasts about 3 days before it needs washing.

This delightful before picture is what my hair looks like after I wash it and let it dry naturally.

It's a pain to always straighten it and as a Mum, I don't always have time, so it will usually go into a ponytail. So when I had the chance to try the JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair at home, I thought it just might be what I needed.

The photos below are before  and after.

Both pics are of freshly washed hair that has been left to dry naturally.


I know, right?

 This is with blow dried hair and I did a little curl/flick thing on the ends.

And this is with a quick run through with the flat iron.

I put the JoBaz product in my hair by myself and it was pretty simple to do (the instructions a very clear), but it would be even better if you have someone to help you. Allow at least a couple of hours to complete the process (it's worth it).  They claim it lasts for 3 months, so I'll let you far I couldn't be happier with the results.

You can get your own JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair from Big W or Priceline.

Disclosure: This product was provided for editorial consideration.   3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has receives no remuneration for posting reviews. All of my opinions are honest and are only influenced by the awesomeness of a product or service. No BS on this blog.
3pickles receive lots of products to review, but only the things that we (Marnie & the pickles) love end up here on the blog.


  1. WOW - that's a great result! Might have to try it myself. Thanks

  2. Wow, that stuff looks amazing. If I had a lot of hair, I'd give it a try. Know anything about volumisers? LOL

    Anne xx


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