Beauty review: MitoQ Facial Cream

 One of my favourite things to talk about on this blog is beauty, especially when I get to play with new skin, hair and make-up products. I'm always on the lookout for something new that will work for me or my clients (when I'm playing make-up artist). I have a zillion products in drawers and boxes that make an appearance on the bathroom vanity from time to time, but the one I want to tell you about today has taken up a permanant residence. It's called MitoQ.

Here's what the company say's about their product:

MitoQ is an anti-ageing facial skincare cream. The skin renewal accelerant works at the cellular level using patented and revolutionary CoQ delivery science. MitoQ restores and enhances the skin’s natural antioxidant defence system and is scientifically proven to deliver CoQ to cellular mitochondria at 1000 times the concentration of the other CoQ formulations. MitoQ has a rejuvenative effect on skin cells which leads to younger looking skin with youthful levels of collagen and elastin within 30 days. MitoQ has been formulated in a zero irritant, hypoallergenic base that’s suitable for all skin types. The ingredient heals and prevents fine lines and wrinkles, scars, brown spots and skin discolouration as well as reducing the thinning of skin that occurs with age. With daily use skin will become firmer as increased collagen will reformat and strengthen the skin’s structure.

Here's what I say about MitoQ:

When I opened the package (important to me), it looked beautiful, elegant even, which made me want to use it straight away. It was the middle of the day and I had makeup on, but I couldn't wait to try it, so I removed the make-up and started all over, this time using MitoQ as my moisturiser. It was a pale yellow colour and odourless (great for sensitive skins). i'm told that most allergic reactions are from the perfumes in skincare products. 
It smoothed onto my skin easily, absorbed really quickly and left no residue. 
I gave myself a month of using the product, morning and night. I found after a few days that I needed to use the MitoQ in conjunction with a moisturiser (I have very dehydrated skin at the moment), so I used it as a treatment. If you have a normal to oily skin, you could give the moisturiser a miss. I still wore eye cream, but took the MitoQ right up under my eyes.
I'm really happy with this product as I can see an overall difference in my skin's tone and overall texture and colour. It certainly feels smoother and even some of the darker age spots on my temple have faded a little. I think (and hope) long-term use will see more improvement.

I also like the fact that the company offers a 30 day, money  back guarantee .

I'll definitely be using to the end and maybe even save my pennies for a new bottle.  

You can get MitoQ online at

MitoQ retails for $USD185 and at the moment they are offering FREE shipping worldwide.

Disclosure: This product was provided for editorial consideration. 3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has received no remuneration for posting this review. As always, all opinions are those of the author.


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  3. This was a very bad cream. I was one of the sucker who bought it and I can't say how disappointed I am. You won't find any serious research behind it and you are spending a lot of money on alcohol and water as they are the two main ingredients. Their customer service is also really bad. When I contacted them to ask their return policy, they replied that I should give the bottle to a friend...


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