How to add everyday luxury to your home with Aquiesse home fragrance (review)

It's no secret I'm a lover of fragrance and luxury products, so when AQUIESSE were sweet enough to send me some of their heavenly candles and reed diffuser in their White Currants Collection to try, I was pretty excited.

I have a LOT of candles, but I don't have any quite like this. 
These are pure luxury. 
The packaging is so incredibly decadent (feels like fine leather with beautiful embossing)...Aquiesse have really set the benchmark for luxe. 
The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that they have included an elegant box of clever and thoughtful!

The candle above is the White Iris and Vetiver with fragrance of White Iris, Bergamot, Vanilla & Vetiver Patchouli which needs to be experience to be believed. 100 hours burn time RRP $38 for the large 312g candle. 

 My bathroom feels like a luxury hotel spa with these candles and they perfectly match the decor.

 The glass lid, beautifully etched with the Aquiesse logo, doubles as a base to sit your candle on. When not in use, you can use it to keep the dust off your beautiful candle (not that you have any dust at your house!) 

I'm thinking these would make such lovely gifts to anyone who loves the finer things. They'd be great for brides to gives as bridesmaids gifts too.

 It's the little, everyday luxuries that can turn such a mundane experience into a lovely one....don't you think?

Definitely a repurchase. Highly recommended.

I pinched the above picture from Aquiesse's facebook page (hope they don't mind) so you can see what the diffuser looks like. For some reason the blogging gremlins didn't let me upload my photograph. I'm using the diffuser in the guest room and I catch beautiful wafts throughout the day. 
Maybe I'll post something about the new guest room, so you'll eventually see where the reed diffuser is living.

They even have travel adorable. where to go?

Disclosure: These products were provided for editorial consideration. 3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has received no remuneration for posting this review. All opinions are those of the author.


  1. I love a good candle or reed diffuser but always find the cheaper one's scent never lasts. These fragrances sound beautiful. Where can you get them from?


  2. I have a small boutique in Parkville, MO. Please check out our website It is a work in progress, but working on it everyday. Feel free to call or email with any questions. Holli

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