What to do on the school holidays {part one}

Ah the school holidays are upon us and we are always looking for something interesting to do with the pickles. 
No road trips these holidays...we had plans but they had to be postponed due to a mix up of dates. We were all pretty disappointed, but we'll find plenty of other things to do. Melbourne is a big place and there are a lot of things we haven't discovered yet, so I thought I'd share some of our little outings with you. 
This is part one.

 It's currently 9 degrees here in Melbourne, so on the first day of the holidays we like to have a very casual pyjama day and a lazy sleep in. And that's exactly what we did.....well, except me. I got to sleep in till 9.30am!! But then it was housework and groceries before chilling with the pickles and Mr3P in front of the box.

These pictures were taken at Sky High on Mount Dandenong...just a hop skip and a jump from 3pickles territory and a great little afternoon outing. I can't believe we have lived here in Melbourne for so long yet have never taken the kids here. There is an entry price for a car (I think it was $6).

The pickles particularly loved the maze and the giants chair. The entry cost to the maze is reasonable (kids under 12 are $4) and they also have a cafe (not a bad coffee too).

The view of Melbourne is spectacular (I must remember to come here for NYE fireworks!)

 This is that giants' chair and a bunch of silly pickles....a wedding was being held in the fine dining restaurant (you can see it in the background) while we were there. I wouldn't mind dinner here one night with Mr3P.
Sky High is open everyday of the year, but the maze is occasionally closed due to weather conditions. Here's a link to their website if you want to check out more info. (not sponsored BTW)

 I'll be updating here as we do anything interesting on the holidays.

If you have any great suggestions for something to do in Melbourne with kids, I'd love you to share in the comments.

See you soon (hopefully with my sanity still intact)


  1. Ah. Would never have thought of Dandenong Ranges. For some reason that looked like the ocean. A beautiful photo and a beautiful spot. I hadn't been to that particular place but love the Dandenong Ranges. Bloody 9 degC? You can have that on your own! LOL

    Anne xx


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