Dinner in 20 mins - I can do that

Can you get dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less? I'm not talking frozen meals or junk from the takeaway, I 'm talking home cooked...with a little help.

In this case, I'm talking pizza...one of the most requested meals around these parts. My family don't like it any old way either. They have become pizza connoisseurs and it's my fault.

As you may have seen from a recent post, Mr3P and I met up with some of the lovely people at Bakers Delight and tried their take home, DIY, fresh pizza bases. I'm impressed with how tasty they are and how they take all the hassle out of making your own bases, or buying those less than fresh ones I've seen in the supermarkets (which, yes, I have tried them too and IMO, they don't taste home made).

You don't have to be a master chef of even a pizza chef to turn out these meals in no time at all. I simply popped into my local Bakers Delight and grabbed a few fresh bases (they come in packs of 2).

Place your fresh (par cooked) Bakers Delight bases on a pizza tray or an oven tray if you don't have one.

Add some pizza sauce.

Top with a few of your favourite toppings...I like to do a quick prep and put all of my intended toppings on a plate on in some bowls. 

We like to get the kids to top their own pizza, so there is no arguing over who wants what or picking off of toppings later. A nice way also to get them involved in the dinner making process. My pickles LOVE cooking with me....it's just the washing up part that they suddenly become magicians, and disappear..................

These pizzas take around 10 minutes to bake at around 200ºC, depending on your toppings.

I like to serve the pizzas with a fresh salad and lemonade!

My favourite topping for a pizza is chorizo, anchovies, mushrooms, olives and capsicum with a tomato or ricotta sauce on the base.

I'm doing a little giveaway on my Facebook page, thanks to Bakers Delight. Just pop on over and tell me what your favourite topping for your pizza is. I have 3 kids colouring packs (to give them something to do while you assemble and bake you pizzas!) You need to use the hashtag #BDpizza and #BakersDelight in your Facebook post.Or feel free to post pics of your creations on Instagram with the same hashtags and @3picklesMarnie

Only open to Aussie residents sorry.
I'll choose my 3 favourites over the next few days and announce it on Facebook this weekend.

Happy pizza making!

x Marnie


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