Road trip overload

We are finally back from another 3pickles road trip adventure. 
I feel like I've been away from this blog for such a long time since I started working again but because I've been on the road for the past couple of weeks, I've had plenty of time to think if I wanted to keep blogging here or not.

I do. 

I hope you'll stick with me. I've have so much catching up to do with all of you and so many things to share from our latest adventures across this wide brown land.

As always, this blog is still a mixed bag of family, food, beauty for women 40+ and home renovations but you're going to see a lot more of our road trips ( I think we've taken 4 in the past 12 months and my camera is about to explode! 

I'll  be sharing lots of little tips for travelling with the family, doing it in style AND all without breaking the bank.

I hope you'll join me with the first installment very soon.

See you then.
Marnie x


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