The Great Ocean Road

Overlooking Bells Beach
We just did another road trip over the school holidays. this time we travelled the Great Ocean Road, from Bells Beach, Appollo Bay and Warnambool through  to Mt Gambier in SA , then back thru Penola, Dayelsford, Ballarat and back home.
I'm linking this post today to one of my favourite blogs : A Beach Cottage for "Good Life Australia Wednesday"

Erskine falls

Rainforest near Apollo Bay

1st lookout near the 12 Apostles

The Twelve Apostles

Warnambool, beach near Granny's Grave

Lochard Gorge. I love this photo taken by Mr3P. i think this will be enlarged and framed somewhere in the house.

Princess Margaret Rose Caves SA.

A sinkhole in Mt Gambier

Blue lake, Mt Gambier. this is inside a volcano.

Eklestine cave, has an underground Lake for divers.

This sinkhole was in the centre of town in Mt Gambier.

Ahh, back in Victoria.

Botanical gardens in Hamilton.

Overlooking the Grampions........spectacular AND .freezing cold!!

This fella has seen better days

MacKenzies falls. We saw a lot of caves and a lot of waterfalls.

The Trout Farm in Dayelsford. You should have seen the one that got away!!. We ate Maccas for lunch that day !

Panning for Gold in Soverign Hill. We found a couple of grain size pieces. Even my Macro lens failed to get a good shot, so you'll have to imagine.

We stayed at Kryal Castle on the last night. it's a real size replica of a medievil castle. the kids loved it. Sadly we had to leave before the jousting festival that they do every year, will definitely be back for next year.

We love our road trips. Not sure where to next?? Any suggestions??


  1. Just found your blog on A Beach Cottage's Good Life Wednesdays!

    Oh my gosh! Your photographs are just wonderful! That looks like it was a great trip - your kids must have had a blast going to all those places!

    I was reading your bio and I am a photographer and cook (in the loosest sense of the word) too! Can't wait to see where you are off to next!

  2. Your pics are amazing! Visiting form BC.

  3. Hi Marnie, just found you on Sarah's link party. Love your shots of the Great Ocean Road...makes me homesick. Also have'nt seen a beautiful agapanthus in a while...we were in Melbourne in July...too cold for them to be flowering! I'm guessing our Melb home is not far from you as we are in Warranwood. Hubby and I grew up in Mooroolbark and lived in Bayswater North when we were first married. We're a bit further away at the moment but heading home in a few weeks for our son's 21st and some sunshine (hopefully). Will keep an eye on your blog. Robx

  4. Love the photos reminds me of a similar trip but in the opposite direction, we did 10 years ago this year with our then three little boys.

  5. Came across your blog via A Beach Cottage. Your photos are beautiful - took me back to my childhood - and wonderful memories of driving from Melbourne to visit my uncle in Mt. Gambier.

  6. Marnie ... Absolutely breathtaking photos! What kind of camera do you use? Did you take photography? I am about to take some private photography lessons. I so wish I had your skill with the camera!

  7. Thank you for the compliment, but it's hard to take a bad picture of such a beautiful part of the world! Mother nature's work, not
    I didn't study photography, but I worked as a make-up artist for over 20 years and took a lot of notice of what the photographers were doing on set. Plus, just playing around with the camera a lot. I'm not down with a lot of the mathematics of photography (that does my head in!). My camera is a DSLR, Olympus E - 520. The lens I use the most is a wide angle 14-42mm(???) I like using the macro setting the best for really close up stuff. The camera is older (about 2 years), but I love it and have no intention of changing for a long time.

  8. Thanks for the camera info. I have a Sony DSLR and am on a mission to become a better photographer. You have inspired me!


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