{recipe} Cumquat Jam

A big thank you to my Aunty 3P for this cumquat jam recipe. I lost it twice and she was very kind to email it to me again. Thanks Aunty 3P!!!
We have a lovely big cumquat tree in our front yard (or used to be front yard, soon to be courtyard). I have always wanted to make this jam, but just never got around to it. When Aunty 3P and her daughter (cousin 3P) came to visit at Christmas time, I asked for the recipe.
It's a little fiddly to pick out the seeds, but the results are worth it. Mr 3P has been eating it by the spoonful.
Cumquat Jam

4 lb cumquats
6 lb sugar
1 quart boiling water
Thinly slice fruit, removing the seeds (usually plentiful) - tie seeds in a piece of calico or soft fabric.
Cover fruit and seeds with boiling water - leave overnight.
Boil fruit until soft (with the parcel of seeds, so make sure tied tightly, otherwise seed-search isn't pleasant) - take the seed parcel out when fruit is softened and squeeze all the goodies into the jam liquid.
Add sugar - boil for a good 30 minutes.
Then the saucer test - cold saucer, spoon a small quantity of liquid on the saucer to determine if it 'jellys', this step is probably one you already know?
Pour into pre-sterilised jars, wait till it cools and enjoy!

I've only made jam a few times and the first time was in the bread machine (which worked well) and it was plum jam. 
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  1. Aunty 3P is duly impressed and humbled. It looks delicious! Compliments to photographer, she sells the product superbly.

  2. Oh that looks so good! We don't have any local fresh fruit or vegetables yet ... we still have a bit of snow as evidenced today by my car getting stuck at the end of the driveway!

    But you have me yearning for the jamming and preserving! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe - I can't wait to try it making it this summer!


  3. oooh love it! I love jamming!

    enjoy Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays, thanks for linking up!


  4. Hi! I am visiting from Good Life Wednesday. Wow, this jam sounds delicious. I am going to finally try Cumquats. This is the third Cumquats recipe in 3 days I have come across. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. :)

    Angie @ Cocina Diary

  5. Marnie this looks wonderful, it's one thing I didn't learn from my Grandmother, she had her pantry filled with her home made jams and canning jars of pickled veggies, and lovely fruits. I have promised myself if I ever get to a place in my life where I don't have to work, I'll make time to learn. Thank you for sharing and the lovely comment, xoxo tami

  6. Hi Marnie, I'm back in England and feeling very homesick. Just sitting here in front of t.v. (watching Sea Patrol), with laptop on my...lap...saw your blog. I haven't made jam in years. I've only actually made it twice...Dad used to have a blood plum tree which would off-load one hundred ripe plums at once. So one year I decided to make jam, so of course I consulted my old home economics text book...the Women's Weekly Cookbook...collected some jars...some wax paper and off I went. The jam was amazingly successful and the blood plums made the best jam. Robx

  7. I absolutely love kumquats! We used to have a tree, but alas, no more. Your pictures are gorgeous, thanks for linking up!

  8. ok, this looks amazzzzzing. yum...now where to buy kumquats in March in PA??

  9. Thanks heaps for visting my blog and leaving a comment. I love the look of this jam! Your photos and styling are wonderful - looking forward to seeing more of your blog!


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