Extension Update & Thanks

The beams are just about complete and the whole frame will be ready for inspection in a few days! The roof will then go on...woooo hooo! 
Mr 3P had some help the other day with  the second half of the roof beams. Thank you to Uncle 3P and our friend Rob, but we'll just call him Jacob....he knows why.............
Sorry I didn't wear my little hat or make lemonade.
Maybe next time......

x Marnie, Mr 3P and the 3 Pickles


  1. Looking good - I hope you have pictures for when it is finished!


  2. Thanks Kelly. I'm looking forward to the end result too! All of course will be documented on the blog ...... Then the inside begins, which I'm dying to get to!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm looking forward to keep reading here and see the finished product of all this hard work!


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