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I"ve had Mum and Dad visiting all week and just dropped them back to the airport on Wednesday. We haven't seen them since the Christmas before last, so it was long overdue. The kids enjoyed having them here too. I don't think they're a fan of Melbourne weather (one morning dropped to 1.6 C) after coming from sunny Queensland.
We took a tour of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), I believe it's the largest sporting stadium in the Southern Hemisphere and the third largest in the world (I'm pretty sure that's what our guide said). If you want to know more about the MCG you can go here.

4 pickles = benched

It takes 15 minutes to (slowly) turn the lights on (or Melbourne would be blacked out!)

The boys could give commentary on the actual game, while I would talk about the cuteness factor of the players  ;)

Warming up is important. BTW this was the room for Collingwoods' game last Friday night......They lost.
Did we jinx them????

The next few pics are of the sporting precinct and Melbourne city. Isn't it pretty?

Team Pickle...ready to play!

Nanny & Grandad pickle.

This is the VERY highest seat at the MCG (nose bleed ). I carried a camera bag and the walk to the top had me out of breath, but Mr3P carried #3 and didn't even break a sweat!!!!

These lights keep the field nice and dry and are on 24/7 when there is no game.

I'm always happy to pose for the camera when Mr3P is shooting. As for everyone else?....they just want to get on that train to home.

I highly recommend this tour if you're ever in Melbourne. And while you're here, make sure you visit the National Sports Museum too (it's downstairs of the MCG...but you can't take photos)

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  1. Sounds like a great day out Marnie. I married a Victorian but fortunately we love up here in sunny Queensland. I can't tell you the amount of times we've been to the MCG for a game but I'll keep that tour in mind. Thanks.

    Tell you folks to get home quick. The weather during the day is great but they already probably know that! LOL

  2. Great pics and looks like you all enjoyed yourselves! Thanks for adding your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays, glad you did!


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