{recipe} Potato Cakes

These potato cakes are so simple to make and taste great. 

1. Coarsely grate a few large (raw) potatoes into a bowl.

2. Add an egg, some salt and a couple of heaped tablespoons on plain flour and mix together.

3. Heat some oil ( I used canola) and fry heaped tablespoons of mixture in a fry pan. Flip over with a spatula after a minute or two (or when it looks golden brown)

4. Drain off excess oil onto paper towels. Serve.
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  1. Hi Marnie, oh these bring back memories! When I was first married my Hubby showed me how to make potato cakes from mashed potatoes. They're deeelish! And yours look wonderful, what a great tapa! I'll have to try them, am bookmarking this page. Stopping over via A Beach Cottage this evening, to say hello, and thanks for sharing! tami

  2. Looks delish, definitely a Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays recipe! Thanks for stopping by and adding your link!

  3. Ohhh..NOM NOM NOM...these look yummy...now I am in a quandary...baked potato as planned for dinner or these ....decisions decisions!!
    Visiting from Good Life Wednesday :-)

  4. Hi Marnie! Thanks for popping by my blog and following.

    Love the look of those potato cakes. We love them like that too.

    Hope you enjoy the blog. I'm looking forward to reading and following yours.


  5. looks delish! thanks for partying with whipperberry!


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