Extension Update II

This year has seen a lot of rain in Melbourne, which has slowed down our progress a little. But, we have windows!! Woot, woot!!! Plus a few other additions.
Mr 3P and Pickle#1started knocking out the wall that will eventually join the existing house with the new addition. 

A glass atrium will be the "hallway" the joins the two sections together.

There was a lovely little mouse's nest in between the walls. I think it had been abandoned long ago (probably thought we were too noisy)

This is the view from the atrium, looking out to the front entry and door. Where Pickle #2 is standing will be our lounge room.

I used a bunch of this rubble to fill in garden pots (makes for good drainage)

All of the pickles were given the task to clean the bricks that were removed. They had a blast and worked really hard. We'll reuse whatever we can.

I think working in Spiderman boots makes all the difference...don't you?

My Grandmother would say " You could grow potatoes under those nails". 

This is the frame for the portico at the front door. I'm not sure what Mr 3P is doing, is he reading? Extensions for Dummies maybe? lol

Mr 3P put in about 5 window frames yesterday (no photos yet). We chose double glazed, so the glazier will come and put the glass in later. I didn't know anything about double glazed windows before, but they'll make a huge difference to the costs of heating and cooling of the house and is a much "greener" choice. :)

Hopefully we'll have a plumber do his thing next week, so the brickies can start. Fingers and toes crossed.
Till next time....


  1. It's coming along, its always tricky lining up the right person to do the right job at the right time, and then they have to come back and finish it all off!

  2. I love reading stories of others extensions. Really like the name atrium:)


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