Getting Plastered/Getting Laid {House Update}

The house renovation extension is coming along. Not a lot to say, but I've had emails from readers asking about what stage we're up to, so I've taken a fews snaps this afternoon.
 Proof (sorta) that I've been doing some work.

Plaster up and primer coat almost done downstairs.

I fell down this ladder 2 weeks ago and still have the bruise (no, I'm not showing you)
I'm OK by the way...thanks for asking ;)

all the bits and pieces ready to be installed (plus my stash of Coke Zero cans)

Concrete driveway and paths ready to be laid.

a whole new layer of earth in the courtyard as seen through the glass hallway that connects the two buildings (and needs a clean)

So, there we have it.
Would anyone care to come and help me paint?

More updates as soon as I seem em!

See you soon.


  1. Looking good Marnie - the end is insight!

  2. feels like it...fingers crossed Deanne.
    x Marnie

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