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The best websites, iPhone and iPad apps - {a guest post by Alicia}

There’s no denying that I’d be completely lost without my Apple laptop (on a great Flexirent plan) my iphone and ipad these days. I am usually seen with at least one of these life-enhancing gadgets in my hands. I am often asked what my favourite apps are so I thought I’d compile a list to share with you of all the apps that I use daily and find particularly useful. There are simply too many to discuss, so in this post, I will focus on my go-to health and fitness apps. 
5K Runner: couch to 5K workout
Before this app, the thought of exercising at a pace faster than a power-walk baffled me and I’d find myself in fits of sweats with my face between my knees attempting to jog to my mailbox. This app is pretty amazing if you want results quickly. The app is designed to get you off the couch and running 5kms in eight weeks. If you can afford to do 35 minutes of exercise, 3 times a week, for 8 weeks – you’ll be effortlessly gliding through a 5km stretch. It uses walk/run/walk interval training and the voice markers offer guidance and encouragement. It gets my thumbs up.
This clever little app is an eye-opener! It features a database of over 22,000 Australian food products and has become my nutritional information bible. Start making healthier choices today and count yourself skinny.
My NetDiary:
This food and exercise diary was rated best iPad diet app of 2011.  This little gem allows for easy yet meticulous diet tracking and is a tsunami of information on all things health. It records how many hours you sleep, how much you exercise, what you are eating and it approximates your weight loss goals. Whilst the very concept of a diary relies on a higher level of effort by the user, this app has been designed to make it minimal- their huge database begins its search as soon as you begin typing.

Bupa Fitness: 
Another app that I have recently stumbled upon is this great little ditty. Established by Bupa Health Insurance, this app is a free-for-all fitness guide that begins with multiple tests to get you started, personalising your training and assessing the areas that need the most work. From there, it designs a four-week plan for you with detailed and diverse workouts, featuring video demonstrations and step-by-step guides. Another great feature is the progress tracker – your eyeballs will dance as you view your results, quite literally on screen (as well as off!)

Hope you’ve enjoyed our top picks for all things health and weight loss. With a plethora of support in your pocket, or your handbag (or wherever you keep your contraptions), weight-loss goals just became that little bit more achievable.
Author bio: Alecia is a tech-savvy news and current affairs addict, a tea drinker who holds daily devotions to her shrine of assorted gadgets and pieces of technology. She doesn’t know where she’d be without her Apple laptop, or the Flexirent plan she used to get it!

**This post was brought to you by Flexirent.


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