Barque Eyeshadow M.U.O.T.D

This is the eye make-up I did today. All from Nutrimetics.
I don't often wear a lot of mascara on my bottom lashes as I find it can cast shadows and give me more lines than I already have....and I don't need that (I'm doing a good enough job of that without any help, thank you very much)

I just did one fine coat of the Bump Up the Volume Mascara as it's very volumising and I just wanted to add some colour. The Rosie & Barque shades have a warm reddish undertone which helps bring out the green in my eyes. Green is opposite to red on the colour wheel, so this always works.

So to use this principal to bring out your eye colour:
If they're blue, use orange based colours.
If they're brown, use blue & purple based colours.

Try it and let me know how you go.

If I can borrow some of my blue & brown eyed friends, I'll do some examples shortly.
I got some other lovely beauty products that I've been playing with to show you soon. 

Take care.


  1. I think a smoky eye - a purpley plum color with a little bit of a gold fleck is also great to pop out green eyes..a bit daring !!

  2. I can never wear mascara on the bottom lashline either because I have quite long spidery lashes - only good for a '60's retro Twiggy look I'm afraid, haha :D

    1. true
      have a lovely weekend
      x Marnie


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