Davids Country Shanghai Restaurant

I had the pleasure of attending the relaunch of David's Country Shanghai in Prahran last Friday night and I wanted to share the experience with you.
From the moment you walk in the door you feel like you are 'home". It's that warm feeling that you'd rarely get in a restaurant and I liked it....a lot.
To tell the truth, I can't remember the last time I went out for dinner with a bunch of strangers, so I was feeling a little apprehensive as I approached the entrance.

Those thoughts were dashed pretty quickly.

I was warmly greeted by and shown to my table where I met "in real life" real bloggers whom I chat with on Twitter. Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy, Melody from Melludee, Ros from Sew Delicious and Vu from Very Vu
The first thing I noticed was how beautiful and fresh the interior was. David had appointed Hecker Guthrie to design the new interior, drawing on the heritage of old Shanghai and Melbourne's hospitality scene, giving new life to the warehouse architecture of the building. Delicate door screens contrast with rustic, timber finishes and sleek Chinese lanterns are suspended from the ceilings. Stacks of antique tables and displays of traditional jewellery provide a relaxed, old world feel. 

Then I met David.

From my first impressions, if I could choose only one word to sum up this man, it would be passion. Passion for the food, the staff, his family and of course his diners. He's one of those people that you just want to hang out with in the hope that his enthusiasm and passion will rub off some how.....you know what I'm talkin bout.

And it's this passion that translates to his food, which were passed down through his family from Shanghai.

Now for the food..........

David's serve unfussy (amazing) food that reflects real Country Shanghai.
Now, I've eaten Chinese food before...but this was different. I was like nothing I've ever tried before. The "One Bite" soft shelled prawns I am still craving and will be taking Mr 3P back just so he can try them (if I decide to share).

Spicy beef with white radish & cucumber

From left to right
Vu (Very Vu), Melody (Melludee), Ros (Sew Delicious), Me, David, Kyrstie (A Fresh Legacy)

Green and red soy beans, bok choy & chilli. Spiced oolong tea eggs with bean curd and wolf berries.
David has kindly shared his recipe for Spiced oolong tea eggs with bean curd and I'll be making it this week to share with you, so come back and check it out.

Drunk chicken

Ros from Sew Delicious showing me how to roll the DIY shredded duck and veggie wrap.

Sticky pork belly & chat potatoes....another craving

Osmanthus & Red Bean Black Sticky Rice Pudding
Traditional Chinese Almond Pudding.
It's hard to find somewhere that offers great food AND I feel comfortable taking the whole family, but David's is perfect for a relaxed family get together and the munchkins will be welcome. I'm looking forward to taking my lot in the near future....maybe I'll see you there?


  1. A great summary of the evening Marnie! I really enjoyed the night too and the food was lovely. Hopefully we get to meet up at some other events in the future :)

  2. Lucky duck (pun intended)! That looks bloody beautiful Marnie. You guys have access to all the good restaurants down there. Lovely review.

    Anne xx

    1. Shanghai restaurant looks an interesting restaurant. All kind of food are available there. Sticky rice pudding looking so testy.

      The Miller Haus

    2. Melbourne really does have some great food...this place was exceptional.
      x Marnie


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