Quick updo using scunci pin twirls {video}

Hi, it's me again. How's your weekend been? Good I hope.
I've been playing hairdressers today and thought I'd share this little video with you. 
This is a simple little updo using the scunci pin twirls, which were kindly sent to me to try. As you can see by the video, they are really easy to use...they just screw it and hold, even my very thick hair, really well. 
I'm going to call this a messy look as I was filming outside for better light with no mirror. Even though this stayed in perfectly all day, if you fiddled a bit more, you'd get a much neater result. Personally,  like it a little less structured.

you get 3 pin twirls in a pack

Don't you just  love the plastic party chairs in the BG? lol


  1. Those looks great! :) I don't know if things like that hold my super-fine hair though! :( If they did though - it would make having a fancy up-do for weddings and the like so much easier!


    1. they'll hold thinner hair too. Better if your hair is "dirty"...1-2 days after washing. It's less slippery that way.
      x Marnie


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