Washing kids hair without dramas

Have you had trouble washing your children's hair?

All three of my Pickles have been an absolute nightmare in the hair washing department (and the haircut department....but that's another nightmare for another day).

I'm not an evil mother, I'm not...but for some reason they just hate having their hair washed....pickle #1 would scream so much that I was afraid the neighbours might call family services....it was horrible.  Pickle #2 & #3 followed suit like it was an inherited trait. 

I wasn't dumping buckets of cold water over their heads....maybe I should have. I tried every trick in the book but the more worked up they got, the more I did too...it was a blood curdling, screaming match that just went round and round. It was so bad that I dreaded bath time. It should be a happy, fun time, just like in the commercials, shouldn't it?

Not at our house.

Then it all changed.

I'm not totally sure what happened, but they all seemed to just accept it. All at about the same age too...which was around 3 1/2 - 4 years old (yes that's a long time....a really...really...long time).
I can only put it down to a few things.
  • I can scream louder than them.
  • I have a large jug and do only one rinse (a big rinse)...yeah, yeah...kind like a bucket dump...but it works. 
  • I have a hand towel on standby so they can wipe their faces immediately after dumping the water over their heads.
  • The right, soap-free shampoo that's gentle on their sensitive skin. The last thing I need is a child with stinging eyes and a rash.
  • Eventually convincing* them to face the ceiling when I pour the jug of water over their locks.

Now these days, the 2 older ones DIY in the shower. 
#3 still needs my assistance as he's still only a little fella.
 My baby.
I'm gonna need a little, fluffy doggy soon...once he goes to school.
I understand the dog thing now.

Do you have a story like this, or was your experience like the commercials? 
I'd love to hear.
And if you have any pearls of wisdom...please share. 
Pickle #3 could relapse at any time!!

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* threats of being banned from whatever is their favourite thing at the time


  1. Something all mothers can relate to, trust me it isn't only you! In the bath we don't seem to have a problem - he lie back with his head in the water, no probs. The shower for a long time was another story - my solution? Stand with head back and let the little man hold a flannel over his face. He's trying to do away with the flannel, but now instead of just the head going back, we have the butt sticking out too...You're lucky if you only have to wash. Little man's hair is a little long and gets tangled so we have to condition too!

    1. oooh tangles would be a nightmare!!
      x Marnie

  2. Oh dear, I just gave up totally on shampoo for the kids childhoods. The teens now DIY in the shower, the twins hair doesn't look too bad. I just couldn't bear the yelling... and nits don't like dirty hair, so I heard!

  3. hahaha...I heard that too! I gel the life out of their hair for school in the hope that the nits will just slide off onto someone else's child....
    x Marnie

  4. My now 13 yr old girl used to shampoo my now 9 yr old boy in the bath when they were little. Now she takes 15 minute showers every night and he sits in the shower playing with his soldiers for 20 minutes (I think shampoo is used?)

  5. It's geat when they can DIY. But now I have the dilemma of making them get out ....lol
    x Marnie

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