Blonde Ambition

G''s me again. How's this cold weather treating you? If you're in my part of the world, you're probably freezing your assets off at the moment......I just can't keep warm...I'm a freak. 
And to my lovely friends and family on the other side of the world...half you're luck...wish I was there. I get beautiful pictures from Santa Monica on a daily basis and I am green with envy....

But today I don't want to talk about green, I want to share with you my thoughts on being a blonde jokes please, I've heard them ALL!

I've been blonde all of my life, except a few times that I experimented with colour. I was brunette and auburn for a while (no ranga jokes either!!), but they never really suited me...sometimes you've just gotta go with what you've got. These days though, some enhancement is

As you may know from several posts here and here on this blog and on my Facebook page, that I am a HUGE John Freida fan, a lot of you must be's my second most popular post(s) apart from Nude Make-Up ...could you imagine if I did a post called Nude Blonde, yup, that's a whole different kinda blog.

 Anyway, I now have some more lovely JF products to tell you about...especially if you're a blonde like myself.....or if you know a blonde ;) 

The John Freida Sheer Blonde Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner is my favourite. It smells DIVINE...white tea...mmmmmm
They say you can see a contrast in 1 use and I think they're spot-on. My hair is really shiny after using this too. It contains highlight optimisers to smooth and mend the porous areas of each strand. It restores hair’s healthy texture so light can shine though while sunflower and white tea complex brings out glistening highlights 
for a maximum blonde impact. Sounds good to me.....

One of the most annoying things for me is the lighter blonde tones in my hair can occasionally look a bit brassy and I hate that... to the rescue comes the John Freida Sheer Blonde Colour Renew tone correcting shampoo & conditioner. 
It renews colour by reversing the look of damage and helps protect blonde from fading. The formula contains UV Filter, lavender and Optical Brightener that protects salon fresh blonde for longer and instantly reverses brassiness and damage from colouring. It deeply moisturises without weighing down the hair. Formulated with Optical Brightener and lavender technology, it converts UV rays to a white-blue light, making colour-treated hair appear lighter and 
brighter. Love this also smells delish..

If you want to keep that summery blonde a little longer between hairdresser visits, you might want to pick up some of this, it's the John Frieda SHEER BLONDE® Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray. It  has a breakthrough formula that gradually lightens and brightens blonde tones. The point and spray formula gives you complete control letting you choose where you want to lighten up and how much you want to lighten. The spray is enriched with citrus and chamomile and works in combination with heat to effectively lighten blonde hair, brighten highlights and blend roots. Hydrogen peroxide provides enhanced lightening benefits for more dramatic blonde effects and a light polymer ensures the spray spreads evenly to control lightening effects. Ideal for blending roots between salon visits or achieving the shade you desire, the formula works to effectively enhance the lightening benefits of the Sheer Blonde® Shampoo and Conditioner. I've put the video from John Freida's youtube channel here at the end of this post so you can see how it works...I've tried it too and it really brings out the blonde. Such a handy item just before you blow dry your hair.

Yup, me as a pickle. 

And now...
see, I told you I was shy.........

I had a few reddish foils put through recently...just for a change. What do you think? Keep it or lose it?
I can never make up my mind...
I have hair commitment issues.......................

How about you?

Do you change you hair on a regular basis?

or is it just me?

Disclosure: This product was provided for editorial consideration. 3pickles has no affiliation with any companies mentioned and has received no remuneration for posting this review. All opinions are those of the author.


  1. Definitely keep it - looks lovely, Marnie! So glad that you stopped by my blog so that I could come and find yours! Love that we're both a mama to awesome little boys. :)
    Ronnie xo

  2. I'm a natural blonde and so I've never changed my hair at all... EXCEPT I recently got some pink put in the tips just for something differnt because I've always been jealous of people who change their hair and get it dyed and everything - I've always wanted that for myself!! Your hair looks AMAZING! So nice and thick! I wish my hair was like that!

  3. I like the red highlights Marnie. For me, I got from grey to blonde, to grey to blonde. LOL Just bought a colour today and I'll look out for some of that JF shampoo and conditioner. Mine tends to go a bit yellow sometimes and I hate that look. Better than grey I suppose!

    Anne xx


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