GIVEAWAY to get your heart racing!!

this giveaway has now ended

Hello & g'day lovely readers.
Do you feel like a giveaway?
OK then.

The fabulous people at Australian Fitness Network are kindly giving one of my readers one of these.

Polar FT4M (in orange) Heart Rate Monitor (RRP $129)
·         Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
·         Displays calories burned
·         Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk.

How awesome is that??

Australian Fitness Network is the leading source of information, education and events in the fitness industry. Having trained thousands of Personal Trainers and Instructors since it's inception in 1987, Network is widely regarded as the leader in personal trainer courses in Australia

How to enter this game of skill.

1. "Like" my 3pickles page on Facebook or follow me on Twitter

2. In either the comments section on Facebook , in a Tweet or here on the blog answer TWO questions.

 a. What year was the Australian Fitness Network launched ('s on their website (go here)


 b. What get's your heart racing??

3. Share the post with your friends....It's that simple.

I'll choose what I think is the funniest/most creative answer to win.
The winner will be announced on this blog in 2 weeks (August 24th, 2012), so come back and check.
Australian Fitness network will send the prize directly to the winner.

Good Luck!


  1. Hey Marnie. Already liking FB and re-followed on Twitter (thought I did follow you there). What's been getting my heart racing is a 60 min walk on the treadmill at 5kph and 4% incline. I can't walk for 2 days after. LOL Will be sharing with 3 friends. Great giveaway.

    Anne xx

  2. Hello workout motivator. Want! Australian Fitness network launched in 1987 (the same year I launched!) and Greece's male water polo team gets my heart races. All those muscles and hairy chests, hubba hubba!
    I follow you on Twitter (@LatherRinseRpt) and you're 'liked' by LRR as a favourite page on Facebook :)

  3. Hi Marnie.
    I've liked you on FB and followed on Twitter.
    The Australian Fitness Network launched in 1987, but expanded to all fitness instructors in 1999.

    Nothing gets my heart racing like a Friday afternoon... Anticipation for a weekend HAS to burn calories. I guess I'll need a heart rate monitor to find out how many!

    Happy Friday and looking forward to City 2 Surf this weekend!

    xx Brianne

  4. Australian Fitness network was launched in 1987 and running with my "Dog thats really a horse in disguise" gets my heart racing :) Great give away xx

  5. Australian Fitness network has been around since 1987!

    Running Heartbreak Hill with my fiancee in City 2 Surf got my heart rate racing! I wonder what rate I did climbing that incline on Sunday!

    Awesome prize!

  6. Hi Marnie, great prize btw. Daughter wont lend me hers. The Australian Fitness network has been going since 1987. My work gets my heart racing as does our very own Keith Urban. Hehe.


  7. What a wonderful prize!
    I've currently decided to start exercising and looking after myself since what got my heart racing was trying to keep up with my kids. Being an ex-smoker (now!) it was pretty much impossible & I want to keep the weight from creeping on!
    The Australian Fitness Network launched in 1987! :)

  8. Australian Fitness network launched 1987. And what gets my heart racing every day is The insanity workout and the asylum. Those DVDs kick my butt in to shape.

  9. And thanks for having this giveaway. I've wanted a heart rate monitor for a few months now. I'd be awesome to be lucky enough to win one

  10. Thanks for sharing! I will look over the fitness website. Actually, I also know one fitness instructor websites it is website designed for personal trainers increasing client base, earnings and promoting yourself independently.


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