Gift ideas for boys (written by the pickles)

So here it is...the official 3pickles Christmas wish list...written by them. 

As you'll see, they are very into gaming stuff this year. They're really sporty kids, but they rock the tech stuff like it's going out of fashion.  

Some of this list may happen...some most definitely not!!

If you're looking for gift ideas for young boys, maybe you'll find their suggestions useful.
A new bike

A science kit

Lego....who doesn't love lego?

The Nintendo DS (electronic babysitter)

My boys are OBSESSED with these ugly little dudes. They have been collecting these for a while (with birthday money & "chores" money...bless em) The new Skylanders Giants are now here, just in time for Santa to bring.

Nerf Gun

Rubber Boat (I already have this for it from here) fast shipping....still time to get one for Christmas
shhh, don't tell

Nerf Super soaker....perfect to shoot at each other from the

Super Mario t-shirt 

XBox...c'mon, really? Am I made of money???
I explained to them that Santa and his elves don't make the tech stuff and he sends us an invoice if he delivers this stuff. Otherwise Mummy would be driving a Ferrari...........

So, what do your kids want for Christmas? I need ideas for girls  between 6 and 15. Help!!!!


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