Our local arboretum was destroyed last year by vandals. Last week we went to the opening of the new park at the arboretum. The pickles had a ball. The park has a medieval/castle theme with so much for all ages.Pickle #3 wasn't too sure about this beautiful fairy at first, but warmed up to her eventually.
We went back to the park with the cousins last Saturday to find that the fairy has been removed or stolen (not sure which) :(
I love scrapbooking, but just never seem to find the time (or have the patience) to get much done. My new solution is a little digi scrapbooking....or at least, some collages. I've been making quite a lot of these as they're quick and easy (yet to be printed). Add to the list..........
I hope the vandals stay away this time, so my 3 little pickles and their friends have a chance to enjoy this beautiful park for a long time.

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  1. You are joking, first the goblin, now the fairy....this is so sad!! We are taking the kids this weekend, I just hope some of the park is left....heartless people who ruin all the kids fun!!!
    Great pics by the are amazing!!

  2. Great photos...I must practise on picnik and product some collages on my blog for a change. Oh and the kids are cute too! Robx

  3. Wow that looks like great fun! Love it!
    Too bad the beautiful fairy was taken!


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