The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Ava at Picket Fence Fancy for giving me this award. I love reading her blog and you will too, go jump that picket fence for a visit, she won't set the hose on you, I promise.

I'm told that this award comes with rules. I'm not very good with rules,but I think I can manage these ones....
Rule #1Thank the people/person who gave you the award and link back to them. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy ( sorry, couldn't help myself).

Rule #2:  Share 7 random things about yourself...... hmmm.... much harder but I'll give it a go........

1. I don't hate spiders, but they cannot be allowed to live if they enter the house. If Mr3P is sent to kill it, then I must witness a "body", not "yes dear, I got it". If I get brave enough to kill it (I did give birth to three children sans drugs, yet killing a spider is difficult for me), then a special dance that includes much screaming and the flailing of arms is required.

2. When I was 12years old, I had my finger caught in a catamaran rudder. It nearly chopped it off...lucky.

3. I LOVE my iPod, it's like my sanctuary. My playlist currently includes : Nickelback, Billy Joel, Guy Sebastian, Pearl Jam, Garth Brooks and Michael Jackson.  Strange mix, I know, but hey.....

4. I have an older brother and a younger sister. (And I suffer from MCS....middle child syndrome)

5. The most famous person I have ever met is Prince Charles.

6. I used to do gory make-up for movies before I did wedding make-up. I prefer wedding make-up...not as sticky.....

7. I want to see more of this beautiful country with my family before my pickles get too big.

Rule #3: Pass this award on to 7-15 worthy blogger's and let them know I've done so by dropping them a message.

in no particular order

All things Heart and Home
August Fields
Sweet Nothings
Robynne's Nest
Pearl Mayple
My House My Garden

these blogs make up part of my regular reading list. Give them a visit.


  1. Hang on a second while I put down my hose ;).... Well done gorgeous Marnie. I can't believe you met Prince Charles... how cool are you ? ... Actually we all know how cool you are :) I Hope when travelling our great country, that the Pickle Family wanders past my Picket Fence, we will do casserole and talk macro xx Ava

  2. Poor spiders! Well done on the award! :D

  3. How cute! Congrats on your award!


  4. thank you for adding us as an award nominee

    how cool that you have met a real life prince

    stunning photos on your post and off to think on that list of 7 things

    have a great weekend

  5. Thanks Marnie for the award...and I agree with you regarding spiders...can't abide's so nice here in England...nothing too nasty! Robx


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