Garden in Winter

I've spent a fair bit of time around home these past few weeks, tending to sick kids (big and small). The Melbourne weather has kept us indoors a lot too. So just this week I ventured out into the wild jungle which is also known as my get close to nature. Thought I'd share a few pics with you.
This seed pod was sitting on my kitchen window sill and I've been starring at it for a week.

I've been googling lemon recipes left, right and centre. Got any good ones?

Would you like some lemons? This tree is bursting with lemons and it's hard to keep up. I've made so much lemonade lately (recipe here), but now I need to start freezing the juice as the lemons are just dropping off the tree.

My first little strawberry plant. It's a Nellie Kelly. I haven't planted it out yet, poor little thing is just patiently waiting in the cold frame for me to get to it.

We planted spring onions years ago and they just keep on a comin'. I love when they start to go to seed and you can see all the little seeds beneath the surface.

I'm not the only one who loves these little guys.

These camellias are my neighbours, they hang over our fence. We had to remove our beautiful camellia tree so we could start the extension. You can read about that here.

When I use my Macro filters, the rocks look a bit like Uluru. well, kinda, sorta, if you squint a little....OK squint a lot.

These are those little Mexican doll flowers that have also gone into hibernation.

My parents gave us this garden bench about a million years ago. We've stained it a few times, but it is very exposed to the elements. I like it's patina...what do you think?

I know the Dandelion is considered a weed, but I've always been a fan of the underdog.......

The wattle just keeps kickin' on

These little flowers grow on a hedge in the front yard. They're about the size of a M&M.

The smell great too!

The bark from this Eucalyptus tree is like soft, thick, paper. It freaks me out to touch's a childhood spider experience I once had.

I don't know what kind of berries these are, but I'm pretty sure they're not edible. Did you ever see the movie "Blue Lagoon"? , whenever I see these berries I think of that movie where they refer to them as "Never wake up berries". Funny the little things that stay in our heads.

We've been getting a little more work done on the extension. I'll blog about it tomorrow.
See ya.
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  1. Gorgeous photos Marnie! I'm definitely getting out my camera to capture the rain drops today too! I particularly love the lemon shot and the second one of the spider! :D

  2. Beautiful pics! Glad you added your link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays and shared them.

  3. Coming from the U.S., it's hard for me to think about winter right now. But your photos are stunning! That's such a perfect dandelion! Visiting from Kirsty Girl. Deb @


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