Here's 7

Here's 7 things I'm loving this week.

I am so enamoured of this foundation at the moment. I've been wearing it everyday (and night). It lasts and lasts and has been giving me the fuller coverage I like without being all heavy and cakey. My colour is #55. I got this at the Heat Group warehouse sale a little while ago, but you can pick it up from Priceline.

Wow, what a tan! Perfect colour. Just remember to NOT do the dishes straight after applying a tan!!
Yep, I'll never learn. Maybe I should just quit the dishes altogether...just to be sure. I got this at Target for around $11 (close to it).

I didn't think this would actually work, but I got it anyway.
I will never be without it.....little gem ;)

Luxury dental products from Swissdent. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth. The toothbrush is the perfect size & I can feel and see a real difference. Looks great in my new bathroom too!
New to Australia, here's the website...check em out

A sweet gift from a good friend. So pretty.

A long time favourite...I wear this a lot in Spring.

Finally, we have blooms again. This velvety rose has a very strong fragrance that wafts through the house. I have no idea what type of rose this is. Can anyone enlighten me?

I hope you enjoyed my faves this week. I may make this a regular thing.
Happy Monday!

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